Song Saa Cambodia Private Island

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About the Hotel

Song Saa’s first venture, the award-winning Song Saa Private Island, opened in 2012 and pioneered conservation-based luxury tourism in Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago, working with surrounding villages, the Cambodian government, financial investors, donor partners and broader stakeholders to improve local livelihoods and preserve the region’s marine life and rainforests. With this knowledge and experience, the Song Saa Collective has created a 21st-century business model that employs business as a positive-and-profitable agent of change. It is currently developing a 200+ hectare bio-reserve outside Siem Reap that will include a Song Saa resort, ecological and cultural conservation initiatives, and a solar project that will supply power to rural communities. The Collective also works with local weavers and artisans to create textiles and ceramics and will be launching an ethical fashion collection in 2017. Each Song Saa endeavour is committed to authenticity, integrity, creativity, innovation and beauty, along with a focus on the triple bottom line: delivering outstanding products and services, running a profitable business, and benefiting people and planet. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, respect for cultural heritage and a design-led aesthetic, Song Saa seeks to empower people from around the world, reviving and regenerating local societies while fostering intimate connections between individuals and the items and experiences they consume.